Books and Things: Work and Happiness

PROJECT TEN dispatches another COHORT of VOLUNTEERS for the 21st Century Education Model.

They strap their backpacks and carry teaching and learning materials as though they are for battle ………yes, it is an educational battle.

On the Move: Neighborhood Activities

Behind the names we hear and personalities we see on media preaching the gospel of education are also a multitude of VOLUNTEERS from every nation and language. They have given away some level of comfort by coming down to have an EXPERIENTIAL encounter with every Ghanaian child in school. Their contributions together with the teachers are truly seen and impacts felt. 

They require no praise and honor from anyone, their motivations come from feeding each child with the knowledge of the 21st Century Skills and sharing its Models of Teaching and Learning with the Ghanaian Teacher.  Though they are not famous, they occupy special places in the hearts of schoolchildren.

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