Winneba Youth Council

Winneba Youth Council is the Flagship of the ‘Better Together’ project under the Umbrella of ‘Books and Things’

With a group of 10 students – 5 females and 5 males, the children were immersed in a lesson and engaged in a dialogue about the need to be truthful in every situation.

It seeks to give the youth the tools needed in order to become engaged citizens and to properly position them in the mainstream local governance and administrative systems.

Choices of Career pathways require a better understanding of Responsibilities, Opportunities, Rights, and Leadership Values. It’s a journey…..and the journey began with the first topic on HONESTY.

The Price of Honesty is expensive because it’s a valuable commodity.

 No one benefits in the line of lies, neither the teller nor the receiver. Everyone loses in the end. 

Lies offer false hope through misrepresentations leading to a tragic end. A mind with a conscience is imprisoned by telling a lie, and the innocent soul is deceived. 

Honesty is the extinguisher that puts off lies and the virtue that holds promise for everyone. Yes, honesty is the truth that sets us free.

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