They never imagined that as students and youth they will ever be capable of leading a learning process for their cohorts and younger children. Yes, they never imagined they could. But they did it with passion and with a style.

The Youth Council Ready to Depart

They yearned for this moment, and when the moment arrived their enthusiasm rose, and at the very start of the hour they grew boisterous. The irony for me was when they expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and exposure given them by Project TEN after their activity at the Youth Engagement Center of the Ghana Library Authority.

One of their mentor volunteers – Yuval has this say “They do it well without us, I think this is the way to go and the kids listen to them, it’s so exciting and I feel soo…….” She virtually expressed every emotional feeling of other volunteers present and monitoring.

Children who frequent the Library daily saw something refreshing today with their ‘brothers’ from the world of the Winneba Youth council impacting lessons for them. They felt grateful and wished for another return.

At Ghana Library Authority

The Winneba Youth Council immerses 10 selected participants of students from the JHS in participatory lessons and different INITIATIVES to properly position the youth in our mainstream governance system and the Global Economy as a whole.

The Library Reading with activity Project is one of their initiatives for this term. The students had scheduled engagements with Foreign Volunteers for preparations before its execution.

They have just begun making meaningful impacts as they lead other children through a reading process that seeks to connect readers with the content or story of the book, and one other creative activity.

On our part, we believe it was also a milestone in the activities of the Youth Engagement Center of the Ghana Library Authority.

The Ghana Library Authority among other activities for establishing the Youth Engagement Center is to “organize peer-to-peer learning sessions “that will engender the acquisition of relevant knowledge.

Books and Things program is bigger than everyone.

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