IMFA Annual Conference 2022.

” So I Sought For a Man Among Them…But I Found No One” Ezekiel 22:30

God is rich in righteousness and takes no pleasure in destroying humanity, yet He judges. For righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. He will remain righteous when He pours out His wrath and executes judgment.

When God finds no soundness from the sole of the foot of His Church to the top of her head due to spiritual decay and corruption, he vents his wrath on us as though His enemies.

We are in a regime where we lift praises and worship, travel distances for service, and offer sacrifices without living up to the truth.

The truth of God has become alien to believers, and lip services have become clouds without rain.

Will God arbitrarily inflict pain? Not that quickly, for mercy triumphs over judgment and He is rich in longsuffering. 

The merciful God seeks to repair, He tilts His anger toward salvation. He is offering a righteous condition – not with Abraham this time around but with his bride. So, He sought for a man among them but He found non:

A man who will stand in as a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze wall against the detestable practices of the land, against false teachings and the doctrine of demons. He seeks to cleanse the land with His hyssop – Whose only hyssop is the sound teachings of Christ.

The core truth is our reasonable intercession that turns God’s wrath away from destroying His creation.

Awaiting the Bride in White Robes.

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