Time to Rend our Hearts, not our Clothes. It is here, another season of Easter!

As we recognize the mercy and grace by which we have been saved we must not also forget the traits of righteousness and holiness that characterizes the household of God.

Beauty is the unfading inner adornment of a gentle and quiet spirit. To God, inner virtues are of greater worth than outward show of religion mixed with vices, for the beauty inside of a person is a permanent print that serves as a light to the body and the source of glory to God.

We allow this season to consume the pride of life whiles sowing seeds of humility.

Humility denies us the drive for seeking to get above others so we could feel more important. Rather, we recognize the value in every human being as something we are in dire need of but cannot find within our respective selves. Yes, a moment to tear our hearts in spirit and truth and not appear as whitewashed tombs.

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