Accommodation and Fees

Registration is $50. Non-refundable: For preparations and arrangements of your Program and Trip prior to arrival.

We charge AFFORDABLE Program fee in USD to cover the following ITEMS:

  • Decent Accommodation and Security
  • All your food (3x a day) throughout your stay. We supply Bottled water, not sachet.
  • Project materials and equipment
  • Airport transfers, Payment transfer charges.
  • Orientation
  • Community Intervention Days
  • Evenings out and about / lessons
  • Staff support for daily monitoring and emergencies.
  • Certificate of Project Participation

Our fee is $350 per week. You will receive our flexible payment plan, and Terms and Conditions before making any payment.

Please Note: Fees do not include: Visa, Insurance, Flight Ticket

Summer Ghana Project: Fee for the Summer Ghana project is $600 per week. ALSO TAKES CARE OF THE FOLLOWING in addition to the already mentioned ITEMS above:

Transportation to work

Transportation for weekend Trips

Hotel Accommodation during weekend Trips

Feeding during Trips

Fees for tourist sites

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