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Development Consultant. Social Activist. Blogger. Researcher. Evangelist. Bringing every world closer to everyone: Connecting people. CEO of Parallel Integration.

I have worked alongside and as partner with Augustine Bow for almost two years between the years 2017-2019 as Project Director of an International Development NGO .The work with Augustine was professional, productive and not taken for granted. Augustine, the CEO of Parallel Integration, who I consider a serious change maker in the community is […]

Rachael Shaya

Augustine Bow! If someone has the purest heart in this world, then he!! Because I trust him with my life from the moment I walked into this country as a young beautiful white woman!!. Thank you Augustine that there are people Like you,  you are the best for me!! Email: a.j.bay@hotmail.de

Anna-Julia Bay

Augustine Bow was one of my best partners as a director of an NGO in Winneba, Ghana. Mr. Augustine Bow who leads an organization in Ghana is a very creative, talented and intelligent director. He knows and understands the community’s needs and is devoted to improving their wellbeing.I could always consult him knowing that he […]

Gonny Hyams

Project Ten of the Jewish Agency for Israel Recognize Mr. Augustine Bow, CEO of Parallel Integration for being a strong ally of our organization opting for the development and educational enrichment of the members of the community. For your important work contributing to educational projects and to the training of social agents. For your dedication, […]

Project TEN

Whoever saves a single life is considered to have saved the whole world” – Continue your blessed work, to inspire others and to be an example to all of us. Thank you for everything with great appreciation – Tamar Facebook: Tamar Rabin

Tamar Rabin

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