Teach a Subject and Co-Curricular activities

What We Are Doing

We are translating the concept of the 21st Century Educational Model into reality for the children and young adults in this Coastal Belts – Winneba. Plus,   Initiatives, and Activism Programs to place students on the field.

Creating a space and system for every child with a basket of skills for choices, and with the right values as the common denominator. Impacting relevant knowledge, skills, and values in the youth to better position them in the global economy.

Mission: Establish opportunity structures for the vulnerable and the less privileged.

Goals and Objects:

  • Creating a caring and nurturing environment for a Democratic educational system.
  • Provide progressive educational tools to enrich and nourish participants to strengthen their career abilities.
  • Making accessible tools for the growing technological world through ICT education
  • To mold the youth with the pre-requisite skills, attitudes, values, and leadership traits for a fruitful society.
  • Conduct Professional and Life Skills initiatives to boost employable skills

Vision: To see an Africa that is progressively transformed by the transformation of mindsets.

What you will be doing:

Volunteers or Students can choose a class of their choice ranging from class one to Junior High School. Volunteers handle several subjects ranging from mathematics, English language, science, and ICT. Other subjects are also available if interest is developed for them over time. Similarly, in some of the upper levels, some students do have learning challenges and may need special care. So teaching volunteers can as well help in this area. A documentary on “Why my Child cannot learn” revealed that most of these children have learning disabilities and need special education.

Assist teachers to apply both Formal and Informal methods in teaching any subject of their choice, plus a combination of some activities outside classrooms.

On a typical day at the center, you are required to assist the teachers to teach the subject/s of your choice. You can also help the Staff to carry out the following TASKS to the Children:

Tailor-made or personalized attention, Coaching / Mentoring, a combination of some activities outside classrooms, and Games.

Home Work Supervision

One-on-one reading and teaching children with special problems

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