Where will I be placed?

You will be based in either Winneba – Ghana, a coastal town situated on the highway between Accra and Cape coast, or the Mountains – a chain of hilly communities located between Accra and Koforidua.

    Can I do more than one project?

Yes, you can do two different projects one after the other at the same fee.

 When can I start?

The decision as to when to kick-start your project is in your hands; you choose when to start, and when to finish throughout the year.

 How is my Fee put to use?

For details of where your money goes please go to Accommodation and Fee structure.

  Will I get paid?

The work you do here is not paid, you are volunteering in a community, but there are even greater rewards. The fulfillment you derive from your sacrificial work aside from the valuable work and general experiences you gain, and a potential self-discovery become a treasure. Enrich your CV or Resume, and receive a Certificate and Recommendation from us and our partners.

    Can I go with my spouse/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend?

Sure! Just let us know whom you are coming with and how you want to live, work together and enjoy your stay. We can make arrangements to suit your request. Similarly, friends or a group can join a project.

Will I need injections?

Yes, the Yellow Fever injection is required. They may be other necessary vaccination/s, seek more advice from a Travel Health Clinic in your home country.

What qualifications do I need?

No qualification is needed to volunteer on most of our projects. However, if you have any qualifications and desire to use it for something specific we can discuss that.

 What happens when I arrive at the airport?

Staff will meet you at the airport and bring you to your destination. We urge volunteers to send us their flight details 2weeks prior to arrival then details of the staff to pick you up at the airport will also be sent to you.

Can I extend my stay while overseas?

You surely can only notify us two weeks before then we take you through the necessary procedure and assist you to get it done.

Can I switch projects midway?

We believe in flexibility, while you become more attracted to another project you can easily change to it by giving us a week prior notice. However, if you are changing from any project to a medical project you have to inform us two weeks before the switch.

What happens if I am ill?

Staff will take you to the hospital. Your transportation to the hospital is paid for by us. Hospital bills and medicine will be the responsibility of the volunteer or your insurance company.

Can I travel during my stay?

All weekends are free for volunteers to travel. Volunteers doing more weeks can still make arrangements to take some days off in order to travel to different places as there is a lot to see, and we usually come to a consensus with respect to the number of days to take off so that it does not affect the placement in which you work.

Will I be alone during my stay?

Sometimes you may be alone in your local family just for a while, awaiting the arrival of another volunteer.  We do not wish to put volunteers alone in a local family, so all our Accommodations are located close to one another, so you will either have a volunteer/s at home with you or another  volunteer/s in another local family to visit, share ideas, go to work together if working at the same place and travel together.

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