Your Advantage

Why Volunteer With US

BIGGER FAMILY: You are volunteering under the umbrella of a network of bigger projects – Parallel Integration and Health Militia, and this has given us the advantage to work with different partner organizations and NGOs across the country and within Winneba. This allows volunteers to be part of what others do when it comes to community interventions and services.

SECURITY: We understand what comes with the decision the volunteer has made to travel abroad, and what needs to be done by us to justify that he/she has made the right decision. As such, our bigger local Team offers 24/7 security for volunteers. We are responsible.  

FLEXIBILITY: We allow volunteers to choose from the variety of our projects, and a convenient duration base on the time they have then we design a comprehensive plan for them. One can choose (optional) a project under Parallel Integration and combine it with a project under Health Militia and vice versa. Better still, rotating between different projects can be arranged in keeping with your duration.

COMMUNITY SERVICES: We are responsive to community challenges, and volunteers form an integral part of the activism process. Irrespective of your project of choice, our community outreaches are for everyone (except for special reasons), tailored towards addressing a specific need.

TRUSTED AND EXPERIENCED HOST FAMILIES: Meet your lovely and experienced host family. They have over the years been hosting our volunteers and partner organizations. So they are used to volunteers and understand their goings and comings.

OUR PROMISE: We challenge ourselves of becoming a Model volunteering organization. Hence, we deliver on our Promises.

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