How beautiful it is when Brothers and Sisters work together in Harmony. It’s the bedrock of Teamwork.

“I am proud of the way the TEAM kept the men alive. We could have had six corpses” Those were some of the words of Dr. Daniel Bradford during his testimony in 2016 when the trial of a drug for  the treatment of leukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis went wrong for six volunteers in 2006. The value of Teamwork!

Teamwork cultivates the value of Appreciating an individual’s Strength and Uniqueness. Global educational new order encourages Teamwork. It’s the recipe for Global Networking.

Networking oils the engine for a thriving Global Economy. There is a relative advantage, not only among countries but also among individuals with different acumen. This is why we SOW the SEEDS in the Children and Youth. They won’t depart from this as they grow👍

Progressive Education holds promise for a Progressive Future. 💕

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