Rachael Shaya

I have worked alongside and as partner with Augustine Bow for almost two years between the years 2017-2019 as Project Director of an International Development NGO .The work with Augustine was professional, productive and not taken for granted. Augustine, the CEO of Parallel Integration, who I consider a serious change maker in the community is a role model to me and a big part of the change and growth happening in Winneba, Ghana. He works in various fields (Health, education and more) and partners with many organizations and NGO’S to build greater capacity of the growth of the local community. He is a great believer in people, building efficient partnerships and working together. He believes that people can make the greatest and biggest changes while working together.  He always smiles and has great manors and respect towards others and is focused towards finding creative solutions for challenges. I wish in the future to meet and continue partnering with Augustine and his Parallel Integration and believe that they will be considered part of the worldwide global change towards 2030. Contact: rachaelshaya@gmail.com

– Rachael Shaya

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