Educational Tourism

Great you are here! This is where you will have an all-rounded internship experience – whiles earning Academic Credit – that leaves a permanent impact in communities, and offers you an inner fulfillment for life. Our network of institutions, and community engagements gives us an understanding of what people need. Take advantage of this THREE – IN -ONE Internship package and be part of OUR community of equal growth. welcome to Ghana!

Study Visit: University of Education.
University: Study Visit and Internship

This area covers Education and Learning in areas that is of interest to you or our already proposed areas in use. Discover and learn from our partner universities and other institutions here in Ghana with the opportunity of earning academic credit.

Teach or Carry out an Activity in school
Teach in a School

Students are also given the opportunity to practice or teach in our partner schools for real experience.

Community Interventions
Community Intervention

Aside this whole learning experience, we also undertake community services to make your journey worthwhile. Our comprehensive plan of action is a must go for. Join us!

Let’s Learn, Explore and Impact!

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